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Explore the Dubbing Academy's great history, philosophy and more, below.


The Dubbing Academy Concept

The idea is to create a new, decentralized pool of talent to avoid adding to this limited group of actors that can work only in the dubbing cities. If these potential students cannot travel and study in these cities, we should bring the school to their homes. 

So who is this Academy for? Well, for anyone who wants to be part of a new group of voice talents who are eager to learn and develop their voice acting skills using innovative tools and processes. After their graduation, students will be ready to independently produce high-quality voice recordings from wherever they are using our new cloud-based technology, StudioNEXT. 

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Our Story

The next big opportunity in the media and entertainment industry is the demand for a larger talent pool of voice actors. Regardless of the target country or language, the coming years are going to bring about some exciting possibilities for voice talents, but it will also present a great challenge for localisation companies and actors that live outside of the main dubbing cities where the work is concentrated.  

To provide a solution to this challenge, the Dubbing Academy was born. Our idea is to build up a new and decentralised pool of voice talents in which all actors can all have the same opportunities to work, study and develop their skills, regardless of where they are located. At the Dubbing Academy, we bring school to our students' homes while connecting them to the world.  

Dubbing Academy Team

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Jacques Barreau
Dean of Dubbing
Adonia Gheorghe
Dubbing Academy
Gemma Cuní
Senior Administrator

StudioNEXT Team

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Eric Blassin
Executive Director Media Tech
Jakub Piotrowski
Dubbing & Sound Support Engineer
Laurent Daufes
Senior Product Manager

Communications Team

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Anna Weers
Digital Marketing Europe Director