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Vocal Versatility in the Media Industry: Top Types of Voice Performance Jobs

December 4, 2023

By The Dubbing Academy Team


Unbeknownst to many, the voice performance industry extends far beyond cartoon animals, cheesy advertisements, and blockbuster film trailers. The remarkable growth of the industry has ushered in a host of opportunities in all types of styles. This allows voice artists to venture into various domains and refine their skills through diverse projects.

It truly is an exciting and lucrative time to be a voice performer! Curious what styles and opportunities are available within the voice acting world ? Below, we present nine types of voice work you can expect to discover on your journey.

1. Animation:

Animation dubbing is most likely the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the term “voice acting.” It involves providing voices and personalities to characters that have been hand drawn or digitally animated with computers to tell stories, convey information, and entertain audiences in imaginative ways.

From children’s programs and anime shows to satirical adult series and animated shorts, voice actors have long found exciting work opportunities and unique gigs to breathe life into some of television’s most iconic characters.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! The film industry is always on the hunt for dubbing actors to take animations to the big screen. Big names like Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman often venture into the realm of voice acting, but there is a world of opportunity for those who are lesser-known. Take Auli'i Cravalho, the star of Disney’s “Moana,” who hadn’t done voice acting until she landed that iconic role.

And for those voice actors who simply want to refine their skills, YouTube has given rise to a realm of self-produced and independent animation, serving as a fantastic platform for individuals eager to enhance their abilities and build up a portfolio.

2. Advertisements:

“Red Bull gives you wings!” Advertisements are riddled with voiceover sections and thus endless opportunities for voice performers.

Besides the actors that perform in a scene, casting directors will search for voice artists to clearly and compellingly communicate the key information and marketing message of a brand’s offerings.

Unlike animation, the focus is not on voicing iconic characters, but on authenticity, believability, and audience appeal.

With repeat gigs and larger payments, thanks to union minimum wages and contracts, voiceover work for advertisements can truly be a voice actor’s bread and butter.

3. Video Games:

Your character throws a punch with a resounding “HUH,” tumbles to the ground with an “AGH,” and shares some friendly advice with their trusty sidekick: “Mind your noggin, buddy!” Ring a bell?

The video game industry is one of the biggest in the world, even bigger than Hollywood! The extensive attention and widespread popularity of video games have opened up vast avenues for voice artists to carve out a thriving career. Whether it’s games across home consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, or the ever-expanding realm of mobile and PC gaming, the possibilities are boundless.

Nowadays, with the integration of motion capture and motion performance techniques, voice artists may find themselves not only providing the character’s voice but also serving as the physicalmodel for their movements. You could be the next Superman of the gaming world!

4. Audiobooks:

They’ve been around for nearly a century, but audiobooks have surged in popularity as a prominent form of entertainment in recent years. The demand for them continues to grow and so does the work for audiobook narrators!

While many authors narrate their own books and many A-list celebrities bring their star power to audiobook narration, the majority of audiobooks being produced feature professional voice artists who often take on multiple roles singlehandedly, at times recording their performances from their own homes.

5. E-Learning and Corporate Videos:

Although perhaps not as glamorous as lending your voice to an interesting animation character, the corporate world and education are brimming with interesting opportunities for voice artists. From training materials and HR videos to university course content and online learning apps, the opportunities are endless—and so is the work involved! You may be asked to perform anything from word pronunciations, engaging explanations, or even narration for educational games.

6. Documentaries:

Think of David Attenborough’s “Planet Earth” documentary. As opposed to taking on a character and delivering an exaggerated performance, documentaries require voiceover narration to help provide essential context and explanations, and craft a compelling and coherent story.

Although seemingly straightforward, it requires a unique skillset; you must be able to strike the right balance between engaging storytelling and informative delivery.

With a plethora of streaming services and cable channels producing their own docuseries these days, the opportunities for voiceover narration are nothing short of abundant.

7. Film Trailers:

The audience is quiet, the screen is black, and you are greeted with the familiar words, “IN A WORLD...” This legendary line is recognized by both movie buffs and voice artists who have experience in film trailers alike.

Traditionally characterised by the deep male voice, film trailers are beginning to welcome a broader range of voices, embracing the diversity required to develop this type of voiceover work. Perhaps your voice could introduce a distinctive and innovative approach to this genre.

8. Health and Wellness:

If you have a naturally motivating and soothing tone of voice, this type of voiceover work may be the best fit for you.

From guided meditation and inspirational videos to fitness apps and recordings, the demand for voiceover and narration work in the health and wellness industry has exploded over the past decade. For this type of gig, it is important to step into the consumer’s shoes and gauge whether the pace and delivery of your reading would truly resonate with people needing that motivational nudge.

9. Virtual Assistants:

“Alexa, what does my commute look like today?” “Hey Siri, snooze my alarm for 20 more minutes.” “At the end of the road, turn left.” Sound familiar?

Our love-hate relationships and two-way conversations with virtual assistants and GPS systems have played a notable role in our lives for years—and they’re not going to stop talking to us now!

If you have a clear, calm, and easy-to-understand voice, you should definitely consider looking for GPS and virtual assistance audio gigs.

10. Announcements:

Think of that classic “announcement voice,” and you probably picture radio hosts and sports broadcasters. However, there is a whole world of announcers’ voices that surround us in our daily lives, many of which often go unnoticed!

That voice you hear on your morning commute telling you to “mind the gap between the train and the platform?” Or that mystical voice that tells you to turn off your phone and refrain from flash photography in the theatre? Voice artists! With an understanding of the subject area, the ability tothink on your toes and confidence in reading from a script, starting a career as a voiceover announcer may be right up your alley!

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